Mobile imaging units are proving their utility in many ways.

In an effort to reach patients either more quickly or at all, a growing number of health systems are loading their imaging capabilities on wheels and taking their "show" on the road. Here's a look at three mob...

Growing demand and a shortage of radiologists have increased the need for teleradiology.

No doubt, teleradiology is here to stay. But it's not the teleradiology that started in the mid-1990s when high-speed communications networks sprung up across the country, making it...

At a health system in Maryland, patients have access to their images within two hours.

Industry figures put the cost of burning CDs for patients at around $25 apiece. Add another $25 if a CD has to be shipped or more if it has to be overnighted.

In addition to the cost,...

Technological advances shorten MR testing times...

With CT and other studies that involve ionizing radiation, the Holy Grail is to reduce dose while still producing quality images. With MRI, it's shorter scans that are tolerant of patient motion. The good news is MR res...

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August 30, 2019

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