Affordable, compact footprint, and high-quality images

Computed Radiography machine with cassettes and Image Suite software

The Carestream Vita Flex is a cost-effective Computed Radiography (CR) system designed to deliver consistent diagnostic quality images for a wide range of clinical applications. It delivers high-quality digital images to speed workflow and improve patient care. Compact design makes it a great fit for smaller spaces. And, its affordable price tag makes it possible on nearly any budget.

  • Upgrade to superb digital images

  • Enjoy easy-to-use Image Suite acquisition software

  • Utilize powerful software analysis tools to improve diagnostics

  • Save valuable space with Vita Flex’s compact footprint

  • Configure vertically or horizontally to fit the tightest spaces

  • Transport easily for portable imaging

The VITA FLEX Package Includes:

  • View high-quality images in just minutes

  • Choose your throughput rate (30 or 45 PPH)


  • Say goodbye to ongoing purchase of consumables

  • Forget the need to handle harsh chemicals

  • No more film to process

Carestream Vita Flex CR Reader

Computer w/ Monitor or Laptop Computer

Image Suite Acquire Software

Two 14"x17" cassettes

2-year manufacturer’s warranty on CR reader parts

3-year manufacturer’s warranty on the computer

12 months 24x7x365 telephone and remote access support from Mobile Digital Imaging

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Some Helpful Information...

Even though the industry is converting to DR, Mobile Digital Imaging sells the Carestream VITA Flex CR system to those who would like to continue using CR instead of upgrading to DR. We may also have refurbished systems for sale, call us to find out! 

Not only do we sell CR Systems, we continue to service all of the CR Systems that may still be in operation. We have experience servicing the OREX ACL 2 and 4, Carestream’s Point of Care (PoC) series and also the VITAs. Call us for more information on this service.

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