Our DR Upgrade Kits for the GE AMX4 hospital portable come with the following custom-engineered pieces: tablet PC enclosure, two holder brackets with Lock & Release feature, DR panel bin, all hardware needed to install the kit onto the AMX4, and detailed installation instructions.

GE AMX4 DR Upgrade Kit

  • Make your existing GE AMX4 a new, digital machine by retrofitting it using our DR Upgrade Kits! Our Upgrade Kits have been custom-designed specifically for this hospital portable and are lightweight, durable, tech-friendly, and affordable. Engineered to be used with any 14” x 17” wireless DR detector, our kits are easily assembled and quickly installed.


    Exclusive with this kit, we include two holding brackets to ensure your techs can use the machine from front or back locations. Also exclusive to this kit is the universal DR panel bin that can hold any DR panel model.


    Our full Kits for the AMX4 come with the following:

    • Tablet PC Enclosure – for securing your Tablet PC in a tech-friendly position
    • Two Holding Brackets – for securing your Tablet PC in two locations and for easily taking it on and off the machine
    • Two Lock & Releases – for heightened protection of your Tablet PC and theft deterrence
    • DR Panel Bin – to ensure your panel is readily available and easy to access
    • All Hardware needed to install the upgrade onto your X-Ray machine
    • Detailed Installation Instructions

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