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convert a list of (variant) structs to a list of objects I'm working on a generic framework that needs to hold and transform many different types of records. What I would like to do is transform a list of records into a list of objects. That is, I want to turn struct Data1{ char Foo; float Bar; } struct Data2{ bool Bool; int Int; } struct Data3{ char C; double D; } into something like: class Data{ public: char Foo; float Bar; bool Bool; int Int; char C; double D; }; I'm thinking that reflection and pattern matching would work here. Is there a standard way of doing this? A: A collection of simple types that need to be converted is basically the same as iterating over a list of values. We need a reference to the type of the collection and then iterate over the values that need to be converted: public ref struct DataTuple { public: enum ItemType { BarChar, BarInt }; //... ItemType item; //... } public ref class DataConverter { static DataTuple getTuple(DataType& dataType) { DataTuple tuple; for (auto element : dataType) { switch (element.type) { case DataType::BarChar:




Download Runaway.a.twist.of.fate.v1.11.crack Torrent 2022

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