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Enhance both staff workflow and the patient experience with the Rayence XR5 fixed radiology room. Requiring no special ceiling or electrical preparation, the XR5 can be installed in rooms with dimensions of just 13’ wide by 13’ deep by 8’ high and 208-240VAC line voltage. Ideal for locations with high volume and state requirements. 

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Anti-Vibration Tube Head

Arm Holder

Specially designed tube head arm holder allows smooth vertical movement and dampens mechanical vibration

Wide Range of Table

Detector Cabinet Travel

Achieve minimal patient movement during an exam with longer table detector cabinet travel

Optimal Use of Space

Ergonomic design provides you with optimal use of space and ease of movement with superb value through excellent image quality and performance

Centering Indicator

A fixed indicator allows for easy alignment between the table, Bucky cabinet, and tube column

4-Way Patient Table

Positioning patients is quick and effortless with a wide range of tabletop head-to-foot and side-to-side travel

Hand Grip Sensor

The hand grip sensor instantly releases the vertical and longitudinal tube stand locks for easy positioning

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The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications and features without notice.

Your XR5 Radiology Room comes with the following Rayence DR system included in the price... Learn more about the actual panel system by clicking the button below.

The new, ergonomically designed Rayence C-Series Cesium and Gadox detectors are designed to offer new levels of handling functionality, and exceptional diagnostic image quality in the X-Ray room and beyond. Our detectors are ideal for portable and in-room applications because they provide increased workflow efficiency.

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