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Custom Bundles From MDI Jump Start The Ability To Take X-Rays At Your Facility!

Looking to expand your services portfolio to include X-Rays? Or maybe looking to update your existing portable Radiology hardware and software? It's possible you just don't know where to begin, what steps to take, or maybe how much it's all going to cost... So, let us help!

Mobile Digital Imaging specializes customizing X-Ray bundles for all types of Imaging Centers and portable Medical Imaging providers. We have everything from Radiology imaging software programs, to data hosting, to retrofit upgrade kits and the hardware needed to acquire the images in the first place. No matter your location, budget, or current understanding of portable X-Ray processes and information, MDI can help ensure you get the products and training needed to properly outfit your business for adding X-Rays to your service abilities.

Are you new to the X-Ray game and looking for an X-Ray system + a DR system (or maybe a CR system, who knows) + Mini PACS? We can do that! This particular bundle provides you with everything your business might need to start taking X-Rays - all for one low price! Contact us today to see how much you'll save!

Maybe your existing DR system/CR system works great and you're wanting to invest in a new, self-contained X-Ray system + PACS + Hosting... Well, that works too!

Searching for the perfect software program bundle to compliment your existing hardware? We have that as well!

The possible combinations of what you can get from MDI are nearly endless! Take a moment to browse through our website to see many of the hardware and software options we have. We can also customize many of our products to better fit your business' individual needs. Don't see what you were hoping for? Let us know - we'll come up with a solution for you!

Want more pricing on a certain bundle, or maybe want to discuss product or finance options? Just give us a call at 888-274-3588 or contact us here!

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