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14" No-Flat Tires (1 Set)


  • One pair of spoked flat-free tires
  • Two hex head bolts
  • Lock nuts and washers

14" No-Flat Tires (1 Set)

SKU: MX-80117
  • 14" No-Flat Tires

    Axel Diameter: 1/2"

    Hub Length: 2-7/16"


    Includes: One pair of spoked flat-free tires and all hardware needed to instal the tires onto your existing machine


    These lightweight wheels provide the cushioned ride of a pneumatic wheel without the possibility of a flat tire. Ball bearings in the wheel provide easy rolling. And, they have center-mount hubs for equal clearance on both sides of the wheel.


    Semi-pneumatic wheels are hollow and don't require inflation. They provide better shock absorption than tread-on-core wheels. Perfect for most surfaces, including: asphalt, bar grating, brick, concrete, dirt, grass, hardwood, linoleum, steel, tile, and more.


    Please note: We are currently offering only 14" Diameter tires.

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