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Management and archiving of DICOM medical images on a web-based platform


MDI PACS is your #1 solution for cost-effective and customizable

DICOM medical image management software.

Mobile Digital Imaging has customized its MDI  PACS to not only archive DICOM medical images, but also auto-route and QA all patient studies to guarantee fast and accurate workflow.


Web-based and available from anywhere and on any device, MDI PACS is the framework for a streamlined and efficiently productive workflow, all for an affordable price. And, backed by 24/7/365 tech support, our PACS ensures you’re always up and running.


Ideal for many medical facilities, including: 

•  Medical Imaging Centers
•  Radiology Groups
•  Urgent Cares
•  Portable Imaging Providers

Web-based PACS system for DICOM medical archiving



Unlike many other PACS programs, MDI PACS does not charge per study. Ideal for higher-volume companies, this unlimited study pricing allows for your company to continue growing without the concern of outgrowing your PACS system and facing additional charges. For companies with lower-volume, we offer our MDI Mini PACS, an abbreviated version of our standard software.


MDI PACS comes with unlimited DICOM medical image archiving. There are no software restrictions on the number of studies or images you can store within the system. So, no matter your volume level, you can be sure our PACS system will support your workflow without issue.


Our system is able to receive images from all DICOM sources. So no matter which medical imaging services your company provides (EKG, Mammo, Echo, etc.), you can be sure they’re all processed, routed, and archived properly within the system.


MDI PACS includes DICOM modality worklist. Have all the original order information available to any authorized modality, thus eliminating duplicated details and avoiding inaccuracies caused by missing information.

Download/print our PACS information page


Streamline the process of getting images to your reading group or radiologists with the auto-routing feature. Images can be auto-routed to multiple destinations using rules-based auto-routing which saves time, reduces errors, and eliminates the need for a middleman to push studies through.


PACS can be purchased with or without hardware – meaning you don’t need any other MDI products for this stand-alone system to work. Our software can also auto-generate email reports of daily, weekly, or monthly activity. It has built-in email notification to alert administrators of any “events”, has an easy to use interface, and is cost-effective. We also have rental and hosting options available.

Recommended Add-Ons

Physician Review Service (PRS)

When combined with the MDI Physician Review Service (Physician Portal), MDI PACS gives your referrers and other authorized users access to patient images and reports with no concurrent user issues. PRS offers immediate access to all the information your customers need about their patients, with the benefit of an easy-to-use interface. 

ATLAS (EMR/EHR Integrations)

Integrate MDI PACS with your existing systems – even if they aren’t MDI-provided. With our proprietary ATLAS integration, you’re able to maximize interoperability between PACS, Physician Portals, EMRs & EHRs, billing systems and more. MDI ATLAS is a seamless and affordable way to interconnect with existing customers and an easy way to gain new ones.

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