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It's now easier than ever to retrofit your existing portable X-Ray machine and make it a new, digital machine using our DR Upgrade Kits!


Our DR Upgrade Kits are an innovative solution to retrofitting your existing portable X-Ray machine. You can now easily and affordably make your existing portable an updated, digital machine using our customized pieces. Built with the technician in mind, our Upgrade Kits are convenient to use, easy to install, and engineered for utmost protection of your DR system.

Lightweight, tech-friendly, and inexpensive, these Kits are designed to be used with any 14” x 17” wireless DR panel and are easily assembled directly onto your existing machine.

We’ve engineered our Upgrade Kits to fit most of the portables on the market, including:

  • Source-Ray SR-130

  • Source-Ray SR-115

  • DynaRad Phantom

  • Dragon - Both new and older models

  • DynaRad HF-110

  • MinXray

What do our Upgrade Kits Include?


Laptop Tray Assembly with Slider

  • Easy for taking your laptop on and off the X-Ray cart!


DR Panel Box

  • Customized to fit any 14" x 17" wireless DR panel!


DR Panel Box Mount
  • All mounting parts, hardware, and step-by-step instructions to easily install your Kit!

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Download/print our DR Upgrade Kit information page

Recommended Add-Ons

Universal Hand Brakes

Upgrade from your existing braking system by adding our proprietary Hand Brakes to your DR Upgrade Kit purchase. Our brakes are easy to reach, built to last, and rest higher on your portable than standard ones. With ours, you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of muddy and prone-to-failing foot brakes.

14" No-Flat Tires

We offer 14" No-Flat Tires as an additional option for purchase, as we know many existing portables are not equipped with tires that last the lifetime of your machine. Our tires are specifically constructed to withstand the elements and rough terrain without the possibility of going flat.

Do you need a new DR system to complete your upgrade?

Green ON DR System

The new, ergonomically designed Rayence I-Series Green ON panels are designed to offer new levels of handling functionality, and exceptional diagnostic image quality in the X-Ray room and beyond. Our detectors are ideal for portable and in-room applications because they provide increased workflow efficiency.

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