Web-based order entry, dispatching, and tracking specifically for portable x-ray providers


Our web-based Order Management System is an easy-to-use order entry, dispatching, and tracking system designed exclusively for Portable Imaging Providers.

Now you can enjoy a customized, unified workflow that's accessible from anywhere! Our web-based program allows for full functionality from desktop, laptop, or tablet - And now also includes access directly from your smartphone with our brand new companion app!


Enhanced User Interface

Improved Management Functions

Updated Security

New Alert Functions

Real-Time Statistics

Optional 2-Factor Authentication

Report Self-Creation



  • Cost-effective & easy to use website that will streamline your workflow and reduce paper waste

  • Completely customizable site that will include your management reports, company logos and colors, current requisition form layout, and more

  • Instant email notification when new orders are placed

  • Completed requisitions can be auto-emailed or auto-faxed back to the facility

  • Able to supply modalities with patient information if DICOM Modality Worklist option is enabled

  • We offer seamless integration with your current PACS and billing system

  • We don’t require that you have any of our other MDI software products to use this system... Integration with other companies’ software is our specialty!


Users access the system through the web, login, and order exams manually or electronically via HL7


Exams are dispatched to the technician through email or text message

  • Use our “Map-It” feature to manage orders by visually seeing them on a map!


From the modality, technicians can query and retrieve patient demographics via DMWL


Orders are tracked from entry to completed!


Information can be automatically passed onto billing via HL7 interface

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Order Management System

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Recommended Add-Ons


Combine the Order Management System with our MDI PACS for convenient, unlimited storage and auto-routing of all your studies. Ideal for improving workflow efficiency, MDI PACS also includes DICOM modality worklist. Have all the original Order Mgmt System information available to any authorized modality, thus eliminating duplicated entries and avoiding inaccuracies caused by inadvertent input errors.

ATLAS (EMR/EHR Integrations)

Add MDI ATLAS to your Order Management System investment for a complete & customized integration solution. With ATLAS you’re able to maximize interoperability between Order Management, PACS, Physician Portals, EMRs/EHRs, billing systems and more. Seamless and affordable, MDI ATLAS is the best way to ensure your information is accurately presented between your and your customers’ systems.

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