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Ultra-Lightweight, High Frequency, High Performance, and DR-Ready

Mobile Digital Imaging knows that there are many X-Ray machines available to the portable imaging market. However, we've selected the F2800 as our system of choice because it best meets our quadrants of customer satisfaction and value:





The Ecotron F2800 is a powerful, yet lightweight, medical X-Ray machine that allows for easy exams and provides detailed and accurate studies. Perfect for imaging centers, portable imaging providers, and Podiatric & Orthopedic practices that do not require a dedicated Rad Room, the F2800 is built for convenience and ease-of-use, without the high price tag. Also suited for small hospitals, our system is ideal for maneuverability between patient rooms and between departments.


Our proprietary, portable X-Ray cart is one of the smallest and most lightweight on the market. Tech-friendly and perfect for smooth transportation between patient homes, hospital rooms, and other facilities, our carts and X-Ray imaging system have been engineered to increase functionality and mobility in a wide range of medical settings.

Ultra-lightweight portable medical X-ray machine with mobile cart


Our DR option for the Ecotron F2800 provides our customers with optimal mobility so they can service patients in their private homes, nursing homes, correctional facilities and other imaging facilities. Other key features of the Ecotron are:

  • Ultra-Lightweight

    • Net weight for the entire system with a DR panel is around 100 lbs.

  • ​Smallest Overall Dimensions
    • Built for easy transportation between rooms and facilities, through doorways, and up & down stairs.

Download our brochure to see specific dimensions & measurements

  • High Frequency

    • Makes for more efficient generation and control of the high-voltage power required to drive the X-Ray tube.


Built for the utmost convenience, our portable X-Ray machine has several unique features that set it apart from other systems on the market, including:

  • It’s DR ready for any 14”x 17” wireless DR panel

    • MDI has engineered our own X-Ray cart (included in the cost of the system) that makes your X-Ray machine ready for DR use from the get-go. Your cart comes fully assembled with the necessary hardware needed to utilize your existing wireless DR system (if you’re working with a CR system, we can modify the cart with a cassette box for you!).

  • The machine is a self-contained unit

    • You no longer have to deal with control panel issues. Should your system need professional maintenance or repair, don’t bother with having to ship the entire cart, simply remove and send just the head back – You’ll even receive a loaner in the meantime!


For the price-conscious customer looking for a solid system without breaking the budget, the F2800 is your perfect machine. Save thousands over other systems with the same top-tiered results. Our reduced price also allows for more system purchases or the addition of any of our medical imaging software…See MDI’s software options under the “Software” tab in the navigation section.


  • Ecotron provides a 2-year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

  • MDI also includes 12 months of 24/7/365 tech support, should you need us at any time.


Max Output Power:  2.7KW
Generator Frequency:  70KHz
KV Range:  40~100kV
mA Range:  12~30mA
mAs Range:  0.4~100mAs
Input Voltage:  110/220V
Phase/Frequency:  Single/50-60Hz
Net Weight with DR Panel:  Approx. 100 lbs

Our DR Upgrade for the F2800 Includes:
  1. Laptop Tray Assembly with Slider

  2. DR Panel Box with Your Custom Logo

  3. Customization to fit any wireless DR Panel!

Easy for taking your laptop on and off the X-ray cart!


Green ON DR System

The new, ergonomically designed Rayence I-Series Green ON panels are designed to offer new levels of handling functionality, and exceptional diagnostic image quality in the X-Ray room and beyond. Our detectors are ideal for portable and in-room applications because they provide increased workflow efficiency.

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