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A cost-effective web-based diagnostic web viewing solution

The MDI RemotEye Viewer is a web-based, diagnostic-level, certified DICOM compliant medical imaging software system. MDI RemotEye is a perfect solution for those customers who have a lower volume and need a cost-effective solution for their Radiologist’s diagnostic reads. Thanks to its web-based architecture, it is perfectly suited to work with cloud based Teleradiology solutions... 

Now at a more affordable price!

Diagnostic online DICOM image viewer


  • Can be accessed from any computer and will run on any operating system that has internet access

  • Access your DICOM images from any platform, using any device, with ease

  • HL7 capabilities - integration with existing EMRs, billing systems, and other systems

  • Advanced display management, supporting hanging protocols and multi-monitor display configurations

  • Advanced management of dynamic sequences, including cine playback of multi-frame sequences and support for US and Echo Stress studies

  • Ability to burn DICOM CDs/DVDs with auto-running viewer

  • The integrated Transcription Module allows for immediate verification and signing of reports by Radiologists, speeding up the whole process 

  • FDA-cleared as a class II medical device
  • Advanced distance, area, angle, and density measurement tools

Recommended Add-On

Download/print our MDI RemotEye 

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Physician Review Service (PRS)

Combine MDI RemotEye Diagnostic Webserver with our MDI Physician Review Service (PRS), or Physician Portal, to give your referrers and other authorized users access to patient images and reports with no concurrent users issues.

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