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The future in healthcare and the standard for exchanging healthcare information

What is MDI ATLAS?

MDI ATLAS is a complete HL7 broker designed to integrate your existing systems to those of your customers. Highly customizable, contact us for solutions.


Inspired by the information and routes provided by a travel atlas, consider MDI ATLAS your roadmap to seamlessly interconnecting workflow between multiple systems and getting accurate data and reports to their final destinations without any road bumps.

Designed for any Medical Imaging organization, ATLAS connects and integrates multiple systems and passes medical information back and forth without the large expense of upgrading existing systems.

And, because ATLAS is on the leading edge of the healthcare exchange, it has several options for communication, including FHIR - you are no longer limited to just HL7.

EMR Integration and EHR Integration with MDI ATLAS

MDI ATLAS is the roadmap to...

Bridge communication gaps
without costly upgrades

Adhere to new and upcoming

industry standards

  • Vendor neutral

  • Bridge the communication gap between multiple departments without costly upgrades to existing systems

  • Connect legacy systems to newer technologies

Interconnect with
your customers' systems

Download/print our MDI ATLAS information page

  • Transfer data via TCP/IP, FTP, MLLP and HTTP

  • Deliver information using HL7 2.X, DICOM, SQL, XML, JSON and other formats

  • Send reports to referring physicians, patient portals & EMRs

  • Receive orders from a RIS/EHR and pass the information to PACS

  • Send patient information to billing systems

Some of our past integrations include:

PointClickCare  |  Practice Fusion  |

CorrecTek  |  Sigma  |  Corizon  |  UHIN  |

HEALTHeLINK  |  And many other EMR/EHRs & Regional Health Networks

  • Receive email or SMS alerts when messages fail or connectivity is lost

  • Create customizable reports of sent messages, message failures, etc.

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