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Compact, comprehensive, and full DICOM

The Nasiff CardioHolter™ ECG is a full-featured and complete monitoring system. Our 5-lead Holters are ultra-lightweight, simple to use, and allow your patients to go about their daily lives without inconvenience. 

Our CardioHolter™ also provides reliable and accurate raw data without complication, so that you can quickly and efficiently collect, edit, and prepare your reports.

Battery-operation and flash card memory keeps this unit super compact and extremely durable, so you can feel confident sending it out with your patients.

Nasiff CardioHolter portable ECG sytem

NO Calibration

          NO Maintenance

                          NO HASSLE!

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Upload all of your patient's raw data into the unlimited cardiology database via USB. You get full patient demographics with our comprehensive program and can even integrate with existing systems. 


An easy to use "plug-and-play" system! Once the study is complete, just reclaim the Holter, connect the flash card to your laptop, and edit/print/email the reports. It couldn't be any easier!


Our cardiology software is fully EMR compatible, so you can integrate it with your existing systems. Perfect for those wanting to avoid the hassle of investing in new systems just to offer ECGs.

Integrates seamlessly with EVERY Mobile Digital Imaging software product!

Full DICOM  |  Built-In Networking  |  Full Re-analysis Capabilities  |  Easy Editing

24 up to 96 Hours of Raw Data Recording Time  |  Auto Interpretations

Pacemaker Detection  |  Print, Fax, or Email PDF Reports

ECG Holter Specifications Chart

Systems come standard with PC laptop.

Options for tablet available.

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Nasiff CardioResting ECG EKG system, portable ECG system

Nasiff CardioResting™ ECG System

Perfect for portable imaging providers looking to expand their services portfolio, or those wanting to upgrade to a newer and more convenient system, our CardioResting™ ECG is an ideal system. EMR compatible, full DICOM, and with an unlimited database, this ECG/EKG system is rich with features and functionality without the high price tag.

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