Our DR Upgrade Kits for the SR-115 come with the following custom-engineered pieces: laptop tray assembly with corresponding top cap, DR panel box without hooks, panel box mount, Universal Brake Set, 14" No-Flat Tires Set, all hardware needed to install the kit onto your cart, and detailed installation instructions.

SR-115 MASTER Upgrade Kit

Which DR Panel Do You Have?
Which Panel Enclosure Do You Have?
Which Size Top Cap Do You Need?
  • Our SR-115 MASTER DR Upgrade Kit comes with the following:


    • MX-50010 (5") or MX-50020 (3") Laptop Tray Assembly
    • MX-30050 DR Panel Box without Hooks
    • MX-20002 Panel Box Holder Attachment
    • MX-80116 Universal Brake Assembly (1 Pair)
    • MX-80117 No-Flat Tires (1 Pair)
    • All Hardware
    • Detailed Installation Instructions


    SR-115s can come with either a 3” or 5” wide column. You will need to verify which column size your machine has, prior to ordering. This will ensure we send you the correct top cap size.

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