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The new LG Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD) is perfect for those needing new equipment on a budget. With most capabilities of other top-tiered DR systems, the DXD comes with everything you need to ensure diagnostic accuracy with superb image quality.


LG DXD guarantees high resolution and clear image quality without image distortion through 16bit image processing. Plus, it also supports ideal pixel pitches of 140㎛ for high resolution images.


Multi-layer image processing embedded in the Acquisition Workstation software (AWS) provides well-balanced visualization at each frequency level. Its contrast enhancement processing functions such as detail contrast, sharpen and de-noise improve tissue visibility within an image.


Panel weighs only 6.5 lbs and will capture and produce an image in 3 seconds


Constructed with a super strong body that combines carbon-fiber with magnesium, to remain lightweight, yet durable



IP41 resistance rating ensures that the LG DXD will be protected against objects of 1mm or larger and dripping liquids such as blood and bodily fluids

Download the LG DXD brochure

Download the LG DXD system spec sheet

Recommended Add-Ons

If you're in the market for a new DR system, and especially if you're new to the X-Ray imaging industry, you may also want to consider the following solutions to complete your investment...

Pair your new DR system with the Ecotron F2800 portable X-Ray machine for an easy and seamless image-capturing experience. Built with the technician in mind, our system allows for ease-of-use and unbeaten mobility and maneuverability. Weighing about 100 lbs with the DR system, our machine is ideal for moving between rooms and from facility to facility.

You need somewhere to archive, manage, and route all the images you'll be taking with your new DR system... MDI PACS is your solution! MDI PACS is an affordable, web-based DICOM medical image management software that's customized to your needs and workflow. Backed by MDI's 24/7/365 tech support, our PACS ensures you’re always up & running.

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