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Need a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Diagnostic Reads?

Need a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Diagnostic Reads?

The MDI RemotEye Viewer is a web-based, diagnostic-level, certified DICOM compliant medical imaging software system. MDI RemotEye is a perfect solution for those who have a lower volume and need a cost-effective solution for your diagnostic reads. Thanks to its web-based architecture, it is perfectly suited to work with cloud based Teleradiology solutions. Now at a more affordable price! We offer both rental and purchase options. The RemotEye Viewer is also FDA-approved and HIPAA-compliant!

Configuration & Integration

MDI RemotEye offers advanced display management, supporting hanging protocols, and multi-monitor display configurations. It also has HL7 capabilities for integration with existing EMRs, billing systems, and other systems.

Transcription & Reporting

The Transcription Module is an integrated system that allows you to type or use voice recognition software. It allows for immediate verification and signing of reports which can then be sent instantly to the referring doctor or facility.

Anytime & Anywhere

MDI RemotEye can be accessed from any computer, laptop, or tablet, and can run on any operating system with internet access. Access your DICOM images at any time and even burn CDs or DVDs with the auto-running viewer.

RemotEye Diagnostic Web Viewer

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