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From CR to DR: A Streamlined Approach Thru the Conversion Process

With over 15 years in the Mobile Imaging industry, MDI has evolved and expanded to offer solutions for every part of the CR to wireless DR conversion process, and beyond. As the industry continues to progress towards an all-DR workforce, more and more companies find themselves at a loss on how to begin the process. For this reason, MDI and our knowledgeable team is here to help and ensure you get the information needed to convert successfully...

DR System Solutions

Prior to Conversion

In the market for a new DR system to increase productivity? Looking to replace outdated hardware? Need a mobile-friendly solution to those bulky CR systems? Maybe you're "just looking" and have some general questions... Whatever the motive, our industry-trusted sales team will help you find the best system to compliment your existing workflow. We freely provide suggestions customized to your business. Whether you're looking for options on a strict budget, or on a specific timeline, or even looking for options that can best integrate with your current products, MDI is here to offer solutions.

During Conversion

Have you already decided on a system and you're ready to pull the trigger? Well MDI can help at this stage, too. We sell wireless DR systems from Rayence and Carestream and offer installation and training so you can easily become familiar with your new system. Rest assured that if you purchase your new system(s) from MDI, you're backed by experienced technicians and a customer-orientated support team who ensure you're always taken care of.

Maybe you just got your new DR systems but you're now realizing that maybe your software also needs a revamp or improved customization... Well guess what? We can help with that, too! MDI offers numerous software programs that streamline your workflow to best capitalize on the new system you've purchased. Take a look at our PACS Software, Order Management System, ImageQube Image Webserver, and the others listed on our homepage!

After Conversion

Question: What happens after you've purchased your new DR system?

Answer: Your relationship with MDI continues!

We offer 1 year of complimentary 24/7/365 telephone and remote access support for anyone who purchases a DR system from us. We want our customers to feel confident knowing that we have their backs should an issue arise with any hardware or software product provided by MDI. We stand behind our products, and our service does too.

Question: What happens after my 1 year of service is up?

Answer: Just because your warranty expires, doesn't mean our relationship does! Mobile Digital Imaging offers low cost post-warranty service agreements that provide 24/7/365 tech support long after your initial year has ended. Whether you purchased your equipment from us or bought from another company, we can help with all your service needs after warranty. Our sales team will be happy to talk with you about your existing equipment and provide a quote for a service agreement customized to fit your needs.

So, you've got your portable X-Ray system, you've got your new DR system, you've got your 24/7/365 tech support... Anything else? Well yes! Imagine the horror of getting all your fun new equipment, only to realize that your X-Ray cart can't facilitate your brand-new DR panel! Well here at MDI, we've eliminated the stress that can come with this by manufacturing our own line of DR Upgrade Kits for Portable X-Rays and Hospital Portables! Our custom kits retrofit your existing X-Ray and make it a new, digital machine, designed to be used with any 14" x 17" wireless DR detector. Affordable, easily assembled, lightweight, and tech-friendly, our kits are the icing on the cake for those completing their CR to wireless DR conversion.


No matter where you are in the process of converting from CR to Wireless DR, Mobile Digital Imaging is here to help. We know the process, we sell the products, and we ensure customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to see how we can build customized solutions for you... We'd love to talk and offer you our services throughout the process.

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